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SHIFT Aromatherapy Set

SHIFT Aromatherapy Set

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This comprehensive collection is your gateway to the ultimate luxury experience, providing all the essentials for a lavish and soothing escape. Experience the fusion of opulence and relaxation, right in the comfort of your own shower.

What's included:

  • 1 Therapy Shower Device with a built-in water filter for a clean, refreshing shower every time
  • 3 Pure Water Filters, each lasting a month, to reduce water impurities and protect your skin.
  • 6 Vitamin Capsules: 2 Tea Tree & Lavender, 2 Ginger & Bergamot, 1 Basil & Grass, and 1 Patchouli & Rose, for a variety of soothing and invigorating scents.
  • 1 Capsule Holder for convenient storage and easy access.

With enough supplies for 3 months, this set is sure to enhance your shower routine with the therapeutic power of nature-infused aromas.

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Customer Reviews

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Karen Howard

I will say that I love being surrounded by the scent as I shower, and, as a middle aged woman who is finding that her skin is getting drier, I have noticed that my skin is happier now that I am using this system, I presume due to coconut oil.

Feedback on Shower Essence Set

I absolutely love it! The filter makes such a different to the quality of the water and my hair is so much softer because of it! And the aromas from the different scents makes my shower and bathroom smell delightful ❤️❤️ this is such a great product and an absolute must for me to always have now! Thank you 😊