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Discovery Capsule Set

Discovery Capsule Set

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Introducing our exquisite Discovery Set, a curated collection that invites you to immerse yourself in the art of scent. Each capsule in this set is a testament to the elegance and complexity of natural fragrances, carefully blended to transform your shower into an immersive sensory experience.

Cedarwood Moss: Step into the serenity of a misty morning forest with Cedarwood Moss. This capsule weaves together the deep, woody essence of cedar, the verdant touch of wet moss, and delicate irises for a scent that is as tranquil as a forest at dawn.

Frankincense Fig: Wrap yourself in the comforting embrace of Frankincense Fig. This sweet and cozy scent marries the earthy backbone of the fig tree with the luscious sweetness of fig juice and the resinous, citrus-tinged aroma of frankincense for a truly warming experience.

Carrot Seed Plum: Bask in the glow of a sunlit morning with Carrot Seed Plum. Freshly picked plums blend with the sharp zest of grapefruit and the clean, soothing warmth of amber to evoke the joy of a bright Saturday morning.

Mandarin Neroli: Refresh your senses with Mandarin Neroli. A zesty burst of fresh lemon juice meets the sweet citrus of mandarin, rounded out by the gentle caress of soft neroli leaves, for a revitalizing and uplifting fragrance.

Petitgrain Tangerine: Experience the zest of life with Petitgrain Tangerine. The crisp green notes of unripe tangerines fuse with the subtle bitterness of orange leaves, reminiscent of a flourishing tangerine tree in your very own hands.

Geranium Muguet: Wander through a secret garden with Geranium Muguet. Wild roses and the sweet innocence of lily of the valley bloom together in this refreshing floral scent, evoking a hidden trail of flowers in full bloom.

Each capsule in our Discovery Set promises not just a scent, but an experience, a moment, a memory. Perfect for gifting or personal exploration, this set is an invitation to uncover your signature shower aroma and savor the natural symphony of fragrances that only nature can compose.


【SHIFT】 Aromatherapy Discovery Capsules 6pcs/Box (Neutralises Chlorine + 6 Scents) – MADE IN KOREA

♡ Releases aroma scents while the vitamin concentrate neutralises chlorine and minerals from hard water
♡ Contains Vit-C and moisturising into the skin and hair.
♡ Removes residual chlorine in tap water.
♡ Vitamin C with 7 moisturising ingredients helps skin healthy and safe.
♡ Skin moisture level increased 3 times more than tap water.
♡ Aloe vera for Moisturising, soothing, and skin barrier included.
♡ Contains vitamin C equivalent to 120 lemons in one capsule.
♡ ISO 9001 & ISO 140001 & Safety test.

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