Shower Head & Bath Filters Saint Kilda

Are you looking to buy shower heads in Saint Kilda for your bath? Order shower heads from Shower Essence. We know that you deserve a refreshing and relaxing shower everyday. That's why we offer a wide range of head and bath filters to help you improve your shower experience. Our range of shower heads, head, and bath filters remove impurities from the water, leaving you with cleaner, softer, and more refreshing water. They also help to reduce hard water buildup, which can cause dry skin and hair. We also offer free delivery in Saint Kilda, Victoria for orders placed above $99. Make sure to use FREE SHIPPING during the checkout.

 Our Range Of Products

  • Filtered shower heads
  • Shower head water softeners
  • Vitamin C shower filters
  • Vitamin C shower heads
  • Vitamin c showers
  • Shower capsules
  • Held shower head filters

 In addition to our filters, we also offer a variety of other products to help you make the most of your shower time. These include:

 Vitamin C Shower capsules

Our vitamin C shower capsules are a convenient way to add essential oils or other fragrances to your shower.

Aromatherapy shower head

Our aromatherapy shower heads allow you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy while you shower.

 Filtered Water Shower Head

If you want to immerse yourself in a revitalising shower, free from impurities and chlorine, you could benefit from using filtered water shower heads. Let every drop nourish your skin and hair, giving you a spa-like feel at home. So, you can make your shower routine with the essence of clean, filtered water.

 Shower Head Water Softener

Say goodbye to hard water problems with our shower head water softener. Our shower head water softener can purify your water and make it gentle on your skin and hair.

 Why Opt for Shower Essence?

  • We are resellers of SHIFT Australia, offering eco-friendly products that nourish your well-being.
  • Our products are crafted using state-of-the-art technology and premium materials, guaranteeing exceptional quality and performance.
  • Whether it's vitamin C shower heads or aromatherapy filters, our range is tailored to your distinct preferences.
  • Take help from our team to take you toward the perfect shower solution.
  • You can curate your SHIFT starter kit by adding your favourite products.

We're confident that you'll love our products and the difference they make in your shower experience. So what are you waiting for? Shop our full range of head and bath filters today!