Shower Head & Bath Filters Perth

Would you like to make your daily showers a spa-like routine? Shop for the best shower filters from Shower Essence. We are a trusted supplier of high-quality shower filters, shower heads, filtered water shower heads, and a wide range of vitamin C shower heads, and more. All our products are made with high-quality materials and are backed by our satisfaction guarantee. From shower water filters to shower head filters, Vitamin C water filters, shower head water softeners, and filters for shower heads, we are confident that you will love our products and the difference they make in your shower experience. To avail our free delivery in Perth, make sure to place orders above $99 and get your favourite products at your doorstep.

Our Range Of Products

We have a wide range of products to fit every need, so you can find the perfect filter for your shower. In addition to our shower head filters, we also offer a wide range of other head and bath filters, including:

  • Filtered shower heads
  • Shower head water softeners
  • Vitamin C shower filters
  • Vitamin C shower heads
  • Vitamin C showers
  • Shower capsules
  • Held shower head filters

Our Best-Selling Products In Perth

Vitamin C Shower Filters

Our vitamin C shower filters can improve the health of your skin. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals. Our filters infuse your shower water with vitamin C, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed.

Shower water filter

Our shower water filters are the best way to improve the quality of your shower water. They remove impurities like chlorine, lead, and other contaminants, leaving you with cleaner, softer, and more refreshing water. Our shower water filters are also easy to install and maintain, so you can enjoy the benefits of filtered shower water with minimal hassle.

Vitamin C shower Heads

Our vitamin C shower heads infuse your shower water with anti-oxidant rich vitamin C, which has been shown to improve skin health.  They come in a wide variety of flavors, including rosemary and grapefruit, tea tree and lavender, ginger and bergamot, and patchouli and rose. The vitamin C capsules release the goodness of vitamin C and essential oils, leaving you feeling refreshed, invigorated, and relaxed, just like you've stepped out of a spa.

Filter For Shower Head

Our filter for shower heads helps remove impurities from the water, leaving you with cleaner, softer, and more refreshing water. This means that your skin and hair will be healthier and more hydrated, and you enjoy a more enjoyable shower experience. Check out our filter for shower heads and choose the one that is right for your shower.

Shower Head Water Softener

Hard water can cause several problems, including dry skin, itchy scalp, and buildup of scale and soap scum. If you have hard water, get our shower head water softener to help you out. Our shower head water softeners remove the minerals that cause hard water, leaving you with softer, cleaner water.

Why Choose Shower Essence?

There are many reasons to choose Shower Essence for your head and bath filters, including:

  • We offer a wide range of shower filters to fit every need.
  • Our products are made with high-quality materials.
  • All our products are affordable and suit all budgets.
  • Our products are backed by our satisfaction guarantee.
  • We are a trusted brand with a long history of customer satisfaction.

Shop our full range of shower water filters today and start enjoying a cleaner, softer, and more refreshing shower! We provide free delivery to our customers in Perth for orders placed above $99. “FREE SHIPPING” to avail of our free delivery in Perth. For queries, mail us at